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TimberTech products help create a more sustainable
world – one piece at a time.

TimberTech offers the perfect balance of quality and sustainability. Our products are an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to wood and since TimberTech products will not splinter or warp and don’t require any staining or sealing, the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement typical of wood is dramatically reduced.

TimberTech products are sustainable and contain recycled content:

  • TimberTech decking contains 12% post-consumer recycled plastic (HDPE1).* To maintain optimal product performance, we strive for the perfect balance between recycled and virgin plastics to maintain the quality you’ve come to expect from TimberTech.
  •  More than 28 million pounds of product scrap is reclaimed into our manufacturing process each year, which saves even more wood and plastic waste from reaching landfills.
  • All of the wood used in TimberTech products is pre-consumer recycled. Our wood flour is recycled from the woodworking industry and keeps more than 100 million pounds of wood waste out of landfills each year and no trees are cut down for the purpose of making TimberTech products.

TimberTech also strives seeks to act responsibility in our daily operations and lives by a "clean manufacturing" motto to recycle and reduce waste in our plant:
  • Our product cartons are made with 43% recycled material fibers and meet SFI (Sustainability Forestry Initiative) sourcing requirements.
  • The water in our manufacturing facilities is recycled using a closed loop water system. Reusing the water in our plants saves over 140,000 gallons every day.
  • We capture the wood flour dust that is vented during manufacturing and recycle it back into our process.
  • We use natural light and energy-efficient bulbs to save energy.
  • We ship many products by railcar. One railcar carries a load equivalent to four tractor-trailer trucks. We keep about 500 trucks off the road each year by using rail transportation. 
  • We repair and reuse wood pallets to prevent throwing them away.
  • We provide our scrap cardboard and plastic materials to third party companies who recycle them into cereal boxes and automotive parts.

TimberTech products may contribute toward green building points in NAHB Standards and LEED building programs. 
Builders must consult their local certifier for point contributions. For more information,.

TimberTech is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.
This coalition of leaders from the building industry works to transform the way communities are built and strives to create a socially responsible environment that improves quality of life.

1 High density polyethylene
* Except Floorizon and XLM



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